Flexiscale offers innovative cloud solutions to increase revenues and profits by arming our customers and partners with the resources to turn ideas into profitable services quickly and easily. Our platform is focused on accelerating your journey from innovative ideas to profitable services without the large upfront CAPEX costs as our cloud hosting service is charged on a per second basis. Instantly scale up or down, deploy and configure servers, simply and cost-effectively via our secure web console. Then simply add any of our integrated cloud service modules to build a global infrastructure in minutes from anywhere and on any device with no upfront CAPEX costs or contract lock-in commitments.

Instantly scale up or down your Flexiscale service requirements as your business demands

Hosted Desktop

The Flexiscale Hosted Desktop service offers simple and secure remote and office working. Connect from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

Cloud Hosting

Flexiable and scalable Infrastructure as a Service. No subscription fees, pay only for what you use with guaranteed up-time and no commitment.

Cyber Security

The Flexiscale Cyber Security service provides your company with advanced protection by simply activating our integrated AI protection systems.

Cloud Backup

Flexiscale Cloud Backup-as-a-Service is a reliable cloud backup solution for businesses of all sizes that protects your data and infrastructure.

Disaster Recovery

Staying open for business just got easier. Stop losing money by ensuring your critical workloads are always available, with cloud failover protection.


Flexiscale's secure carrier neutral data centres provide resilience and global network connectivity so you can securely grow and scale your business.

Delivering the Greenest Cloud Solutions

Flexiscale’s data centres use the latest Liquid Immersion Cooling (LIC) technology to deliver industry leading efficiencies and savings
  • 75% Lower Emissions
  • 40% Less Energy
  • 25% Higher Performance
  • Deploy your solution with the lowest carbon footprint