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    Flexible Pricing to suit your exact needs.

FlexiScale Pricing Model

FlexiScale has created a very simple, but flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model.

The FlexiScale platform uses a currency called units to calculate the monthly and hourly prices for each required resource. There is no minimum term commitment or monthly subscription fee. Simply credit your account with FlexiScale units and use them on the computing resources you need, as you need them.

Resource Segments

FlexiScale has separated each resource into segments, so you only pay for the resources you actually use.

Core Resources

icon-vcpus    Number of vCPUs [1 Unit/Hour/vCPU]

icon-ram    Amount of RAM [2 Units/Hour/GB]

icon-vcpus    Amount of Storage [7 Units/Hour/TB]

icon-vcpus    Amount of Storage I/O [2 Units/Hour/GB]

icon-vcpus    Amount of Network Traffic [5 Units/Hour/GB]

Extra Resources

icon-vcpus    Additional VLAN’s [1.37 Units/Hour/VLAN]

icon-vcpus    Additional IP Addresses [0.137 Units/Hour/IP]

icon-vcpus    Number of Firewalls [1 Unit/Hour/FW]

icon-vcpus    Snapshot images [7 Units/Hour/TB]

icon-vcpus    Microsoft Windows Licenses [3 Units/Hour/Server]

Unit Cost

After you have calculated the number of units you would require for your configuration, you can buy the required number of units in your FlexiScale Control panel.

The more units you buy, the cheaper the hourly unit price becomes, as you can see in the pricing table.

All new FlexiScale accounts come with 1,000 free units for you to test the platform.

We are so confident that you will love the FlexiScale platform we have implemented a try before you buy ethos. Enjoy!

* All FlexiScale unit pricing is in UK Pounds. Prices shown here are indicative prices based on prevailing exchange rates. If your credit card is billed in a currency other than UK pounds, the actual amount charged will depend upon the rate given by your credit card company and any commission charged.
* We reserve the right to change our prices at any time. Definitive pricing is available through the control panel at the time of purchase, and supersedes any information given here. Special offers may be subject to additional conditions. All prices are exclusive of VAT which will be added at the applicable rate. E&OE. All services are offered subject to our terms and conditions, which are available here.
Units £ (ex VAT) £/Unit
 1,000 £11.00 £0.0110
 2,000 £22.00 £0.0110
 5,000 £50.00 £0.0100
 10,000 £99.00 £0.0099
 20,000 £196.00 £0.0098
 50,000 £485.00 £0.0097
 100,000 £960.00 £0.0096
 200,000 £1,900.00 £0.0095
 500,000 £4,700.00 £0.0094
 1,000,000 £9,300.00 £0.0093
 2,000,000 £18,400.00 £0.0092