• Data Centres

    Providing on-demand, fully automated provisioning of cloud services.

Global Infrastructure

Flexiscale global infrastructure is housed in Tier 3 data centres globally with the best access to internet exchanges, bandwidth providers giving you direct access to virtually every major Internet POP in the world. Current locations include Nottingham, London, Amsterdam, Frankfurt with nodes opening in New York, Chicago, Singapore, Mumbai.


Each location is backed by our expert engineering and network operation teams.  No matter which hosting solution you choose, be it a dedicated server, a virtual private server or one of our other solutions, our UK-based data centres have the highest level of security and reliability, with the most advanced technology. Our dedicated team of engineers monitor and maintain our systems 24/7 to ensure that our customers remain online at all times, with their data safe and secure.

Data Centres located in Nottingham, London, Amsterdam & Frankfurt

with nodes opening in New York, Chicago, Singapore and Mumbai.