The Portal is our secure Nottingham data centre. It offers global network connectivity so you can grow and scale your business



The Portal is a secure Tier 3+ carrier neutral data centre. It builds on an unrivalled legacy of global network connectivity to drive growth and scale your business. The Portal also provides a range of tailored colocation solutions to meet your business requirements.



For any digital business, uptime is key. Outages can cost a business up to £16,000 per day, and the disruption to productivity can leave your staff stranded. The Portal is different. We keep your business online with a comprehensive 99.982% uptime guarantee, backed up by comprehensive SLAs.


Could your business withstand the consequences of a power outage? Colocation at The Portal ensures your data is online, even if local power goes out, so your staff can work remotely and without interruption. The facility is dual power fed with an on-site primary substation and 6 MVA of reserved power.


From one rack to a private suite, The Portal supports your business as it grows. Colocation customers can tap into our range of scalable colocation services, which provide resource and expertise on-demand.


The Portal safeguards your data with a range of security defences and deterrents. The complex is fenced and guarded by a 24/7 security presence. CCTV, access control and secured data halls prevent unauthorised access, while state-of-the-art fire detection and suppression systems protect business critical data.

Comprehensive SLAs

Our comprehensive service level agreement provides complete peace of mind. Due to our favourable location and modern infrastructure, we can withstand disasters and maintain power when other facilities would fail. All clients benefit from our 99.982% uptime guarantee.

Technical Know-How

The Portal has its own skilled technical service team who man the facility 24/7. Staff are here to respond on-demand when your colocated equipment requires attention, offering rapid service in line with SLAs. The same team carries out management and maintenance of the Portal building.

Rapid Response

The Portal’s technical team are available every day of the year, providing fast resolution for colocation clients. The team uses proactive monitoring and efficient incident management processes to deal with enquiries rapidly and consistently. This service frees up your own staff to focus on their duties, and it does away with the need for your business to run its own out-of-hours cover.


The Portal acts as your partner, but your business retains control. Remote monitoring tools allow you to conduct health checks and reports instantly. Additionally, authorised personnel from your company can visit the facility at any time, with round the clock access to your equipment. Our technical team is here to provide support, according to your requirements.


When you use The Portal for colocation, you benefit from economies of scale that would be impossible in an on-premise environment. Your business can use our in-house technical team in lieu of on-call staff. The reliability of The Portal’s service offering, and the flexibility of monthly payments, makes our colocation affordable for businesses of any size.



High Density

The Portal supports a range of colocation solutions, from single rack to private suites, and from low density to high density. Comprehensive SLAs provide the assurance that your critical data and digital assets will remain online and accessible around the clock.


Tailored Options

Complement your colocation arrangement with any number of managed colocation services, including 24/7 monitoring, data backup and continuity, on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service and workplace recovery services.


24/7 Availability

24/7 onsite technical teams are available to provide rapid response to incidents. Your business can access remote hands support, rack and stack, tape/ data storage, installation/ migration, and cabling services.


Global Reach

The Portal provides a wide range of network services including IP Transit, SIP/ MPLS, national/ global Ethernet, internet exchange connectivity, N3 and PSN connectivity, Equinix Cloud Exchange and AWS/Azure connectivity.


Support Services

The Portal provides a wide range of onsite support services that can be deployed on an hourly or contracted basis. These include remote hands, rack and stack, tape/data storage, installation/migration services and cabling services.

Managed Colocation

The Portal offers tailored managed colocation services which complement your colocation. These include 24/7 monitoring, data backup and continuity services, on-demand Infrastructure-as-a-Service and workplace recovery services.

Connectivity Services

The Portal can assist in your network provision complementing our carrier neutral facility, providing a wide range of network services such as IP Transit, SIP/MPLS, national/global Ethernet, internet exchange connectivity, N3 and PSN connectivity, Equinix Cloud Exchange and AWS/Azure connectivity.


We take compliance very seriously and The Portal data centre is fully certified and compliant with ISO27001, ISO 9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS 18001.

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