• Specifications

    FlexiScale gives you the tools you need to grow, with no long term commitment.

CPUUp to 32 vCPU servers available.
MemoryMemory from 0.5Gb to 64Gb of RAM available per server.
NetworkNetwork Multi Gb/s switched shared user network, with each customer on a dedicated VLAN. Additional customer private VLANs available, for which no traffic charges apply. Separate dedicated multi Gb/s management and storage VLANs.
StorageAll storage is provided on a high-performance highly redundant SAN array. We store no data on storage devices local to physical servers. Access to data is by one or more virtual disks. Virtual disks can be instantly snapshotted, and restored to snapshots. Snapshots can be instantly cloned to new disks.
ImagesUse our pre-created selection of operating system images, or create your own images from which to deploy new servers.
Supported OSMicrosoft Windows Server 2003 to 2012, CentOS Linux 5 to 7, Debian Linux 5 to 7, Ubuntu Linux 5 to 14, FreeBSD and more in the works. Customers can install their own operating systems (32 bit or 64 bit) by downloading and booting from the appropriate ISO image.
Management & Configuration AccessOur Control Panel provides full self-service for all common activities:

  • Create a new server,
  • Start/stop/reboot an existing server,
  • Change memory or disk configuration of an existing server,
  • Change network or firewall configuration,
  • Create or revert to snapshots,
  • Create new disks from images, clone disks, and create new images.
  • A VNC console connection is available via remote web interface in case your server does not boot.
  • Additionally, we offer a fully functional SOAP based API, details of which are available here
How are IP addresses managed?Each FlexiScale user account is allocated a /29 (five useable IP addresses). Once these are exhausted, another block can be assigned.
BackupBackup can be achieved through our instant snapshot function. For off-site backup, either install your own backup agent, or download your snapshots by http.
FirewallingWe offer fully integrated port based firewalls, with configuration via the Control Panel or API.