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    That’s scalable to suit your exact needs.


Development Language

FlexiScale has its own development language which provides a comprehensive and powerful API allowing total control over any deployment that can normally be controlled in the control panel. All functionality to manage each and every resource, including SOAP/REST/XML Web Service interface is provided in our API documentation. For more information please click here.


FlexiScale’s ‘Trigger’ technology allows service providers to extend their platform to orchestrate not only the infrastructure and application, but a whole host of other solutions and services including BI/analytics tools, OSS/BSS, DCIM Tools, infrastructure, billing, payments and CRM systems, ISV apps and other cloud services.


FlexiScale is designed to integrate easily with your existing back office and billing systems, CRM or portals, using our unique sophisticated plugin technology. Our latest platform gives you the ability to work with best of breed technologies that are right for your individual business.


Private Network

Every customer gets their own private network allowing connectivity to multiple FlexiScale servers within the same data center. This is ideal for customers requiring file storage and database replication.

Support for IPv6

FlexiScale will be providing IPv6 support across all our global locations. For further information please contact support@flexiscale.com


Integrated port based firewalls.



FlexiScale has created a simple and flexible pay-as-you-go pricing model. There is no minimum term commitment or monthly subscription fee.

FlexiScale uses a units based currency to calculate the hourly prices for each required resource. Simply credit your account with the required number of units and use them on the computing resources you need, as you need them.

There is no need to over-buy capacity to handle periodic traffic “spikes” in your deployments, as FlexiScale uses elastic application-aware auto scaling to manage traffic spikes for you. Elastic application-aware auto scaling will automatically scale up and scale down your resources to cope with periodic traffic spikes and you only pay for the increased resources needed for the spike, on a per hour basis.


FlexiScale has powerful reporting capabilities, which will allow you to generate separate billing reports for each Virtual Data Center for internal cost management.

Metering and Billing

Metering and billing is one of the areas where FlexiScale’s heritage as a hosting and service provider is evident. FlexiScale provides granular metering and billing of your cloud consumption. FlexiScale also supports multiple currency billing.

Control Panel

Control panel

FlexiScale has a powerful and flexible control panel which is simple to use and can be customised to meet your exact needs, allowing the ability to easily design, deploy and deliver anything from a single server to a complete system architecture within a few clicks.


FlexiScale easily allows you to move your deployment to anyone of our available global locations from within the control panel. It is as simple as taking a snapshot and redeploying it to another location within a few clicks.

Bento Boxes

Our Bento Box, application blueprints solution, contain all the key information to successfully build and deploy applications in the cloud, including server, software, storage, network, images and firewall details.

Provisioning & Scalability

FlexiScale is a multi-tier architecture which allows rapid deployment of on-demand services within minutes via our web-based control panel or using our API set. Simply use one of FlexiScale’s standard operating system images or use an OS image you have uploaded to provision a server.

FlexiScale is a fully automated platform, which allows you to instantly scale up or scale down compute, network or storage resources, as required. FlexiScale also has elastic application-aware auto scaling built into the platform, which automatically scales up your resources to cope with increased workloads.