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    Ideal for ISV’s, MSP’s and software developers.

Why partner with FlexiScale ?

FlexiScale is one of Europe’s first cloud platform allowing end users to benefit from hosting scalable infrastructure. The platform is an ideal channel solution especially suited for MSP’s, ISP’s and ISV’s, enabling a white label platform that coexists or adds value to the partners existing portfolio. FlexiScale provides a flexible and powerful service/application delivery platform allowing our partners to create their own IaaS, PaaS and SaaS services globally.

FlexiScale’s partners and affiliates will be able to rapidly leverage their existing customer base to take advantage of FlexiScale’s platform independent infrastructure, bringing immediate improvement to bottom line performance, whilst delivering highly dependable world class services to their customers.

How do I become a FlexiScale partner ?

There are four levels of partners, ranging from a “casual” affiliate through to a wholesale partner. What level of partner would make sense for you depends wholly on your objectives and desired level of commitment. As a next step, please fill in our partner request form below or give us a call to arrange either a teleconference or meeting to discuss your aims and how you would like to engage as a partner.



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