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Cloud Backup solutions protecting your business with a reliable, easy-to-use, Cyber Security platform



The Flexiscale Cloud Backup-as-a-Service is a reliable cloud backup solution for businesses of all sizes that protects your platforms, anytime, anywhere and faster than anyone else.

Easy, turnkey cloud-based solution

Any system to any environment recovery

Top-notch backup speed and recovery reliability

Enterprise-grade scalability

Unique AI-based ransomware protection

Protection for 20+ workloads

Protection for any workload

Reduce Complexity with One Solution for All Systems.
Streamline your data protection efforts using just one solution. We support Windows and Linux servers and VMs, eight major hypervisors, PCs, Macs, iOS and Android mobile devices, Microsoft on-premises apps, SAP HANA, Oracle Database, Office 365, G Suite, and websites.

Unmatched storage options

Comply with business requirements and industry regulations by choosing the right storage for your needs. Backups can be stored on-premise, in our secure Cloud Storage or in the public cloud.

Seamless deployment

Forget about implementation hassles. Flexiscale Cloud Backup is a turnkey, all-in-one BaaS solution, with almost no requirements or special prerequisites for customers. Only a lightweight backup agent is needed for installation.

Simple pricing with no upfront costs

Eliminate expensive equipment and backup software purchases. With Flexiscale Cloud Backup you can protect your systems and data at an affordable, predictable, monthly rate.

Intuitive, self-service web console

Recover files in seconds wherever and whenever needed. Enjoy our solution’s web-based, touch-friendly console to access backups and restore files wherever and whenever it’s needed.

Proactive anti-ransomware protection

Stop ransomware with the backup industry’s most advanced, AI-based anti-ransomware technology that protects files, backups, and the backup agents in real-time. Any files impacted before an attack was deflected are automatically restored.

Recover Systems to Any Environment or Hardware

Migrate or recover Windows and Linux systems swiftly to the same, similar, or dissimilar hardware, including bare-metal, physical, virtual, or cloud environments using our built-in Universal Restore technology.

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