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Why choose a Green Data Centre?

Climate change is now widely accepted as scientific fact, not theory.

Everyone has a part to play in reducing carbon emissions and so protecting our planet.

So why choose a Green Data Centre for your business? After all its not a profit driven decision but then neither is recycling or many of the other green initiatives that we undertake.

Energy used on your behalf is still your responsibility. It cannot just be ignored or passed on to be someone else’s problem. An example would be removal of asbestos – you can’t just choose the cheapest option and hope environmental guidelines are followed.

Governments have environmental targets to reach and there are many schemes and initiatives encouraging a more sustainable future.  Soon to follow will be penalties for organisations that have not already implemented a greener strategy.

We can see the change everywhere we look. Electric cars were a rare sight on our roads only five years ago. Now we have incentives for their adoption and they are outselling petrol and diesel vehicles. Less than 10 years from now they will be the only choice.

Increasingly stringent legislation is already in place for cars, with clean air zones and penalties for those who don’t conform. It’s only a matter of time before these measures come into play for other sectors, including IT Data Centres, and these charges will be passed on.

It is not a balance sheet decision but choosing a Green Data Centre can be of huge benefit to a company, especially as the world is now more environmentally aware.

1. Marketing

By marketing the green credentials behind your products or services, a business is more likely to cater to an emerging trend or niche market, making it more competitive. Sustainability can be promoted in other ways like green working practices and processes, all of which increase the profile of your company.

2. Employee motivation

Job seekers and the workforce are increasingly attracted to companies that care for the environment. The employees of firms that promote sustainability are more likely to believe that their employer will care for them and they are more satisfied with their jobs.

3. More engagement and Investment

Greening initiatives signal to external stakeholders, such as investors and customers, that a business is committed to doing good. This can lead to increased investment and customer and stakeholder loyalty. This is particularly pertinent in the aftermath of COVID-19 as there is heightened awareness about the need to protect the environment.

According to research looking at American companies, environmentally friendly organisations benefit from superior stock market performance in the long run.

Investors are increasingly questioning firms on their commitment to sustainability and expecting meaningful steps from them for integrating consideration of such issues into their investing criteria.

4. Increased efficiency

Greening processes can result in efficiency gains by reducing energy costs, allowing businesses to secure green tax credits, or avoiding penalties.

Such gains directly translate into commercial benefits. As many as 75% of UK businesses that invested in green technologies subsequently enjoyed commercial benefits.

Conversely, in cases where businesses harm the environment, they have to be prepared to incur significant costs. A famous example is the Volkswagen emissions scandal which caused huge financial and reputational damage.

Don’t wait until legislation forces everyone to conform. Now is the time to promote your business as a leader and choose a sustainable, Green Data Centre.

Flexiscale operates sustainable data centre facilities leveraging the latest energy efficient infrastructure technology to reduce carbon footprint and environmental impact.

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